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We always look for ways to settle disputes efficiently, but stand ready to litigate where necessary.


We act for clients at all levels of court, including the BC Court of Appeal, Federal Court of Appeal, and Specific Claims Tribunal.  We also have experience before the Environmental Appeal Board and Forest Appeals Commission.  We have acted in major cases in the areas of:

  • contaminated sites

  • air emissions permitting

  • forestry / resource management disputes 

  • Fisheries Act violations

  • the Crown's duty to consult Indigenous people on major projects.

We appreciate that litigation can be costly and time-consuming, and we are committed to working with our clients to find the most effective means of resolving their dispute.


We have extensive regulatory experience in the fields of environmental and natural resource law, assisting clients in navigating such issues as permitting applications, permit compliance and enforcement actions.


We have assisted clients in seeking regulatory approvals and compliance issues under such legislation as the Environmental Management Act, Water Sustainability ActFisheries Act and Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012.


See our Environmental & Natural Resource page for more information. 


Risk management is an important topic in the fields of environmental, natural resource and Indigenous law.  It allows industrial operators to remain onside of environmental regulations, and also potentially avoid costly litigation.  


We have the experience needed to work with clients before a problem arises, developing environmental management plans and assisting clients who seek to remain in regulatory compliance.  


We also assist clients in responding to environmental emergencies, and managing their liability exposure.  Involving counsel early in these circumstances is important.

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